Voodoo Dreams

In Voodoo Dreams, Marie Laveau invents herself: cut off from her mother, from her past, and from her faith, with only her visions to guide her, Marie grows into the mantle of her power through great pain and hardship.

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Douglass’ Women

Douglass’ Women reimagines the lives of an American hero, Frederick Douglass, and two women — his wife and his mistress — who loved him and lived in his shadow.

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Magic City

Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1921. A white woman and a black man are alone in an elevator. Suddenly, the woman screams, the man runs out, and the chase to capture and lynch him begins.

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The Marie Laveau Mystery Trilogy


Jewell Parker Rhodes updates the legend of Marie Laveau with a thrilling, sensual mystery set in the present day starring Marie Levant, the great-great granddaughter of the Voodoo Queen.

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As bodies pile up under strange circumstances, Marie Lavant must return to combat an ancient evil that threatens to wipe out her entire bloodline.

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Marie must harness science, spirituality, and historical perspective to understand why New Orleans was so vulnerable in 2005 to Hurricane Katrina and why the levees failed.

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Porch Stories

Porch Stories is Rhodes’s tribute to her beloved grandmother, a real account of the love she received and the lessons she learned.

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Free Within Ourselves: Fiction Lessons For Black Authors

A comprehensive and energizing guide, bursting with supportive topics from Finding Your Voice to Getting to Know Your Literary Ancestors. A uniquely nurturing and informative touchstone for affirming, bearing witness, leaving a legacy, and celebrating the remarkable journey of the self.

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The African American Guide to Writing and Publishing Nonfiction

Jewell Parker Rhodes encourages African American writers to be modern-day griots, acquainting themselves with the work of earlier writers and committing their own lives and the lives of others to paper.

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