1.   Does Sugar like her name?

2.  What animal does Billy ask Sugar about in the beginning?

3.  What are the names of the older workers that take care of Sugar?

4.  Who gets to be captain when Sugar and Billy are sailing on their river boat?

5.  Which character does Sugar like to tell stories about the most?

6.  Which friend of Sugar’s decides to go north early on?

7.  Who first tells Sugar that Chinese workers are coming to River Road?

8.  What continent do hyenas come from?

9.   Once Sugar goes off to hunt for eagles, how many trees does she climb to find them?

10.  What year in the book do the Chinese workers come to the plantation?

11.  How do you say “hello” in Chinese? 

12.  Why are the other workers afraid of the Chinese workers?

13.  What is the first Chinese word Beau draws in the dirt for Sugar?

14.  Which animal year of the Chinese zodiac was Sugar born under?

15.  What name does Sugar give to the cat?

16.  What kind of food does Beau teach Sugar how to make?

17.  What’s the last word Sugar’s mom says to her before she dies?

18.  When Billy has a fever, what does Sugar practice for him?

19.  How does  Rabbit get out of the well?

20.  Does Billy continue to cut  cane during harvest?

21.  What color is Beau’s kite?

22.  What animals do Sugar and Billy show Beau?

23.  What color is the dragon in Beau’s story?

24.  What is Beau’s zodiac animal?

25.  Why does Sugar go into the mill when it’s on fire?

26.  Who started the mill fire?

27.  When Sugar’s healing, who tells her a different story every day?

28.  What does Mr. Wills announce once Sugar’s done healing?

29.  How do Beau and Sugar say good-bye for the last time?

30.  Where are the Beales and Sugar headed at the end of the book?

Answer Key

1.  No

2.  The hyena

3.  Mr. and Mrs. Beale

4.  Both Billy and Sugar are captain!

5.  Br’er Rabbit

6.  Lizzie

7.  Billy

8.  Africa

9.  15 tree

10.  1871

11.  “Ni hao” (pronounced “Knee-how”)

12.  They are afraid the Chinese workers will take their jobs.

13.  His name “Bo”

14.  Year of the Monkey

15.  Emperor Jade

16.  Rice balls

17.  “Survive.”

18.  Her whistle

19.  He tricks Hyena into jumping on one of the buckets on the pulley, bringing Hyena down into the well and Rabbit up out of the well.

20.  Yes

21.  Red

22. Gators

23.  Yellow

24.  The ox

25.  To rescue Jade.

26.  Tom, the overseer

27.  Mr. Beale

28.  He says he has sold the mill.

29.  They bow to each other.

30.  North to St. Louis

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