Long Distances

Three thousand miles. That’s how far Nate has to drive to get to Los Angeles, to satisfy the dreams of his wife Della and find a new life for the two of them and their daughters. But cruising through Indiana in the early hours of morning with the rest of the car asleep, Nate can’t help but wonder how everything happened – how their love had grown strange and distant, how he’d decided to abandon his mother with no one to look after her, how he’d lost so much of the certainty he once had. Jewell Parker Rhodes develops an expansive narrative within the length of a short story of a man getting closer to a new home, but farther from his true self.

Bayou Teché

Mira longs to return to the bayou, to sit on her grandma’s lap again and watch the fireflies dance through the air. But she ran off with Charlie, and now she’s trapped in a high rise apartment with a wailing baby who shares his name. Can she resist becoming a prisoner in her own home, her own marriage, and her own life? Jewell Parker Rhodes tells a brief but unforgettable story of heritage, family, and resistance in Bayou Teché.

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